Assuming roughly similar conditions to the present as a ‘worse-case scenario’, in terms of travel, at the moment we can see less flyers than usual since driving means less risk of contamination situations of course. That is not to say that flying won’t be possible, airlines will be desperate to find safe solutions to getting their industry back to work. Restrictions could, however, impact our transfers and we will monitor the situation as best practices become more evident. Our Travel information can be found below and we will update Airline information as the picture becomes clearer.

Air travel

MGS SKI is not tied to any particular charter flights because of the great internet deals available. Although clients actually book the flights, MGS monitors prices which change all the time, so please contact us for the best deal, for your preferred route. Shown below are examples of flights which fit in with our transfers.

Click on the airline link and then navigate to find a flight within our transfer times below.

Stansted to Geneva Easyjet/
Stansted to Grenoble Ryanair
Heathrow to Geneva Swissair
Gatwick to Geneva Easyjet/BA
Gatwick to Grenoble Easyjet
Birmingham to Grenoble
Edinburgh to Geneva Tui
Manchester to Geneva Easyjet/
Manchester to Grenoble
Luton to Geneva Easyjet
Leeds to Geneva
Bristol to Geneva Easyjet/Easyjet
Bristol to Grenoble Easyjet
Liverpool to Geneva Easyjet

Flights are often subject to change, a useful website to keep up to date is

Road travel

Several people sharing a car is probably the cheapest way of travelling. It also offers the most independence - clients can stop when and where they like. Val Cenis is just over 600 miles from Calais. MGS SKI has a detailed recommended route and the journey takes 9 - 10 hours.

The most popular route is basically Calais to Reims (two and a half hours) then to Lyon (three and a half hours) then finally to Val Cenis (two and a half hours). The MGS route gives all the detail necessary. Obviously there are options on how to cross the channel, and invariably offers available.

By rail

Many people feel travelling by train is the best choice, since it is less stressful and can give 7 days skiing rather than 6. Options to Modane, which is the local station and has shuttle buses or taxis to resort, include the following: Snowtrain from London to Chambery, then SNCF local service to Modane, or, Eurostar to Paris, followed by TGV to Modane. For help or further information, please contact our office.


MGS SKI operates transfers from Geneva and Grenoble airports, except at February half-term. These are solely for our clients, and are non-stop to Val Cenis. Transfers cost £80.00 return and leave Grenoble and Geneva at noon. Morning inbound flights should therefore be booked to fit in with these times.

The following Saturday, coaches leave Val Cenis at 6.00am so return flights should not be booked before 10.45 am, to give plenty of time to check in.

Clients should contact MGS for details.