To discuss dates and availability, please contact our office by phone (0800 689 4135), e-mail ([email protected]), or fill in the enquiry form on the Contact Us page. We will then confirm availability, send appropriate accommodation details and give you a quote.


We’re very confident there will be a ski season, albeit with appropriate precautions, as all countries look towards localised lockdowns rather than country wide measures.

As autumn begins, our biggest concern is the issue of potential quarantine, which in realistic terms will prevent the great majority from travelling. The government is under a lot of pressure to change its approach in the next month or so towards testing at the point of entry, bringing the UK in line with other countries, giving a much-needed boost to the travel and air industries.

At this point, however, we cannot for certain rule out the situation where either there is another UK lockdown or where measures are imposed which in effect stop people going abroad for a holiday. This would mean ski resorts still operating, but without British skiers, which of course would be hugely difficult for us with our apartment owners.

No-one was prepared for the sudden enforced finish to the season in March and we paid for apartments which sat empty, which of course is unsustainable. After considerable negotiation with owners and agencies, for this season only we have come to what we think is an equitable solution.

In the event of a French lockdown and the ‘closure’ of the village, we will not be expected to pay for accommodation and can therefore issue a full refund, subject to a small administration fee.

If the UK government alone impose restrictions which mean British skiers can’t travel, Val Cenis would still be open and this would mean owners receiving nothing for apartments which could have been sold to French skiers, or Dutch, Belgian or Italians who wouldn’t be prevented from coming by UK restrictions.

In order to be even handed to those renting accommodation, our clients, and to cover ourselves, we will be operating the following system this winter.

If for any Covid based reason you have to cancel your holiday you can get a full refund up until 32 days before your date of departure, subject to a small administrative fee.

Why 32 days?

After you inform us by e-mail, we then have time to tell the owner/agency and give 31 days, or one full calendar month either for ourselves or the owner/agency to rebook the apartment.

Within 32 days of your departure, any cancellation may result in the loss of your 30% deposit, which will go towards accommodation costs. Obviously if the apartment can be re-rented then this will be refunded, but you must either ensure you are covered by insurance, which will be difficult in the present climate, or accept you may lose this amount.

Clients cancelling for non-covid19 reasons will be subject to our normal cancellation charges as shown below.

We are confident the upcoming season will go ahead, and assuming travel restrictions are eased we’re looking forward to seeing regular MGS skiers and others new to Val Cenis, which after all will offer a much safer environment than bigger purpose built resorts where there are innumerable large hotels or group based chalets. Our market is basically self-catering apartments and the lack of crowds in the Maurienne valley should make Val Cenis a great place to ski during this highly unusual period.

Click here the prices for self-catering apartments. Some are the same, our biggest increase on last season is 3.5% and some weeks are cheaper.

If you feel you would like to provisionally book a holiday under the above conditions, please telephone our free number (0800 689 4135) to discuss your requirements and leave a Holding Deposit, or you can make an enquiry using our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you and of course, to seeing you in Val Cenis!

Booking is simple;

Step one:

A non-refundable deposit will be paid, representing 30% of the total price, excluding travel and insurance costs.

Step two:

MGS will confirm your booking and give you a confirmation number to be used in future correspondence.

Step three:

The final payment must be paid at least 8 weeks before departure, except in the case of late bookings.

Cancellation charges

These are based on how many days before departure MGS SKI receives written cancellation. These are a percentage of client costs to MGS for accommodation, equipment and lift passes.Insurance and travel payments would involve other companies.

Number of days Charge
More than 42 days Deposit
29 to 42 days 50%
7 to 28 days 90%
0 to 6 days 100%

Damage deposit

A breakage and cleaning deposit of £150 is required in the form of a separate cheque sent with the final payment. This cheque will not be cashed, but held until after your departure and assuming the apartment is left acceptably clean and there is no damage, it will be returned in full.


Specialist ski insurance is important since not all policies cover piste rescue and repatriation, or indeed skiing off piste. Please contact us for help and advice.

Protection of your money

MGS SKI has been in business for 30 years, received positive coverage in the national press, and we recognise legal protection of client payments is a must. After discussion with the Department of Trade and Industry when we started, bonding or insurance were deemed inappropriate because of the size and specialist nature of MGS SKI.
Following DTI advice and like many other tour operators, we operate the Trust Fund system, into which money is placed in respect of accommodation, equipment and lift passes. Apart from the initial non-refundable deposit, MGS SKI cannot access this money until completion of your holiday, which gives financial security against insolvency and repatriation. In the extremely unlikely event of problems, clients would contact one of the trustees, Lyn Keohane, 12 DeVegier Avenue, Saffron Walden. CB10 2BN.
In accordance with the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours regulations 1992, in addition to operating a Trust Fund to protect client money, MGS SKI is required to remind customers of the following:
1) Clients must hold and carry a valid passport to facilitate easy movement, including re-entry into the UK.
2) The self-catering accommodation described is of the highest standard available for normal rent.
3) To comply with Civil Aviation (ATOL) regulations, we do not book flights, but will gladly assist in finding the best available prices.


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