Snow Report

Below is our weekly round up, weather report for the forthcoming week and important weather, and travel news, including advice for drivers.


It snowed last night and this morning, before gradually clearing up as the afternoon continued. Above the telecabine there is a lot of fresh snow and although on the piste front where the ground has warmed up recently this will disappear quite quickly, it does mean a nice top up for next week.

Everywhere was ‘off piste’ today and it will be a couple of days before the bashers smooth everything out. This afternoon was just a fun time with almost everyone ending up face first at some point. Certain areas will remain closed for a day or two because of avalanche risk at this time of the season, but the snow in the trees looks lovely and very Narnia like…

Tomorrow will start cold and then sunshine will dominate so it should be a great day with fresh snow and blue skies. The weekend is forecast to be partially cloudy with the possibility of some very weak showers, before the sun comes out again on Monday and it becomes somewhat colder. The remainder of the week is expected to be a mixture of cloud and clear periods, with isolated showers and the rain/snow line around 1500m, so village level.

All looks good for our last week of the season. The roads are clear and shouldn’t present any problems for those driving. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of old friends again and welcoming some new clients to Val Cenis. The winter has flown by and it seems only yesterday we were looking forward to starting another season.

Tempus does indeed fugit when you’re having fun!



Another beautiful week in the mountains. Sunshine, blue skies and spring temperatures. Of course this has meant quite a bit of melting lower down, where some slopes have become worn and one or two closed. Runs to resort, however, are complete if a little heavy later in the afternoon.

Higher up is much better with a good snow coverage and if anything the pistes have improved as time has gone on following a hard freeze on soft snow early in the week. Today we came down the Quebecois on the Mont Cenis side and it was lovely, just a pleasure to ski, and as ever, conditions in Termignon are excellent.

Off piste is mixed, with no real powder but still untracked areas and some beautiful quiet areas to visit, as the video shows. This was a little walk to the Col de Sollieres one afternoon, under Jerome’s guidance and paced perfectly by the ever young (76???!!) Stewart Graham. The hardest bit was keeping up with the suncream….

Summarising broadly, the lower third of the mountain is moving towards the end of the season, the upper two thirds have a good coverage and offer great skiing across the whole area – all will be fine for the big Challenge des Moniteurs, beginning the 13th April.

The forecast is for sun to dominate again with temperatures creeping still higher over the weekend, before a depression moves through on Tuesday and a significant cold snap hitting the Savoie. Some snow showers are forecast mid-week, nothing major, but it will remain unsettled until Friday at least.

With the first week of the Easter holidays upon us, we’re looking forward to catching up with some old friends and introducing new clients to the late season joys of the North facing slopes of Val Cenis. Many will be leaving on Saturday having had a great week and shortly going back to work with the tell tale google marks we all love…..



After the horrendous weather last week, a huge anticyclone has brought settled conditions to the Alps. With blue skies and largely quiet pistes, it has been much more pleasant and the smile is back on our faces.

When there is a sustained period of sunshine, as seen throughout February and this past week, the true value of North facing slopes becomes very clear indeed. The South side of the valley is largely devoid of snow and resorts with lots of similarly orientated pistes will be suffering greatly. From a high point, say the top of the Plan Cardinal chair, it is amazing to look down the valley and see snow on one side and rapidly greening fields on the other.

Lower slopes have of course been affected and some are worn, with soft snow later in the afternoon. Further up, however, conditions are much better and there is some excellent skiing all over the mountain. Despite the lack of true powder, there are also great opportunities off piste and incredibly, still some untracked areas.

The anticyclone will remain in place for the next few days, with warm temperatures over the weekend. During the coming week it will weaken and some cloud will move through at different times, but the chance of precipitation is low. It is also expected to be slightly colder after the weekend.

Next week brings the end of March and Easter is approaching rapidly. With a good depth of snow over two thirds of the mountain and runs to resort still complete, everyone should be looking forward to their holiday and hopefully there will be a bit more snow before the end of the season to really make things tip top!


Without doubt this has been far and away the worst week of this season in terms of weather, hideous would be one way of describing it….
The photo of young ‘Enri with his MGS hip flask was taken during the balmy days of February, winter has since returned with a vengeance.
Warm, wet air over the weekend was followed by a very rapid cold snap and incredibly windy conditions. Nearly all the lifts shut on Monday as the ‘tempete’ continued to blow. Suddenly it was very warm on Tuesday, before once again Wednesday saw a dramatic drop in temperature and more strong winds.
Today it’s cloudy with weak snow showers which will intensify this evening as another depression moves through during the night, again accompanied by strong winds. On Friday precipitation will continue with the risk of rain at village level. Saturday is expected to be sunny and warmer, which will be nice for those arriving of course, before another system arrives on Sunday bringing a drop in temperature once more and weak snow.
The rest of the week is expected to be mixed, with cloud and sunshine alternating, but no significant precipitation. Normal March temperatures.
Clients this week have been very positive in what at times have been very difficult conditions. There is always one dodgy week each season and after the flaming sunshine of February it’s a pity to have such extremes in a short period.
Once things calm down the pistes will recover as the bashers get round and repair the damage. Off piste if 20cms falls over the next few days, conditions will improve hugely.
The weather cannot be changed, but all at MGS will do our best to make sure everyone has a great time, so let’s keep that glass half full and look forward to a fun week coming up!


It doesn’t seem two weeks since the excitement of Half Term, the MGS team are all rested and ready to make sure the remaining weeks of the season will be full of fun and good cheer.
The huge anticyclone that was in place for most of February has been replaced by a succession of small depressions bringing unsettled weather to the area, and this is set to continue for the next week at least. This morning there was a dusting of snow in the village and although this was largely gone by lunchtime, it did refresh some of the off piste areas higher up. Tomorrow is expected to begin sunny and then cloud will develop bringing very weak snow showers.
Saturday will be a repeat with early sun giving way to cloud and some snow in the afternoon. After the reverse on Sunday, the rest of the week is forecast to alternate between periods of precipitation and clear skies. We are talking about showers rather than sustained snow and no more than a couple of centimetres each time. Later in the week there may be rain at village level, depending on how temperatures evolve, but again not a significant amount.
So a mixed bag in prospect, but with the pistes in good condition after the hammering they have received during the French school holidays, there will be plenty of excellent skiing to be had. Also, if we get 5cms here and 5cms there over the next few days, this could mean some great off piste too.
We’re looking forward to the rest of the season, slightly more relaxed now that Half Term has come and gone. We all love this time of year – generally nice weather and slopes becoming more quiet as we move towards Easter, and can’t wait to see all those arriving this Saturday for their stay in Val Cenis.

We do have a few apartments in March for parties of different sizes at discounted prices, please contact us to find out what is available.

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For most people, skiing under blue skies without a cloud in sight would be pretty perfect…. and so it has been for the last week, with more of the same to come.
Hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves and many will go back on Saturday with the inevitable goggle marks showing what they’ve been up to recently.
Obviously it’s the height of the French and English school holidays, the resort is completely full, and at peak times there have been queues at major lifts. But a five minute wait for the lift has been unusual, and considering this is as ‘bad’ as it gets, we mustn’t complain.
First thing in the morning the pistes are in excellent condition and by the afternoon of course the sheer volume of traffic means popular routes become hard and slippery, but again, considering the bashing they are getting, the slopes are standing up well.
There has been some melting, but with clear nights and a good freeze, the benefit of largely North facing slopes becomes evident. Most areas have suffered minimal damage, whereas the South side of the valley has been hit hard by the unseasonal temperatures.
The forecast is very simple. With a massive anticyclone in place, the sun will dominate and no precipitation is expected at least until the back end of next week. Two more weeks of French school holidays and then back to normal!
We will be having a break and the staff going on their annual off piste adventure, but all will be back full of beans and raring to go for those arriving in March. We’re looking forward to the rest of the season and to welcoming everyone yet to come to Val Cenis this winter.


Hopefully everyone is enjoying the joys of Valentine’s Day and it won’t be necessary to stop at the garage on the way home for chocolates or flowers…
The French school holidays are under way and the resort is full, as it will be for the next 3 weeks, and no doubt those looking forward to the English Half Term are primed and getting ready to go. The good news is that the sun is shining, the pistes are all open and generally in first class condition and the forecast is for much of the same.

In terms of bad news, there isn’t ANY really… one or two queues at peak times at certain lifts, but by and large everything is running smoothly and the new telecabine of course is helping here being faster and of greater capacity than before.

The forecast is for a strong anticyclone to stay in place for the whole of next week! Temperatures will be spring like and hardly a cloud is expected, so a quick trip to get more sun tan cream may be needed.

Simple, which hopefully the journey down on Saturday will be. This will be the busiest weekend of all on the roads, so for those driving, whilst there will not be a problem with the weather, do be prepared for some delays.

We are busy getting everything shipshape to make sure next week goes as smoothly as possible and that everyone has a great week, all at MGS look forward to greeting clients on Saturday, old and new, and hopefully it will be a wonderful time in Val Cenis.



In Val Cenis this week it has been that ideal mixture of perfect weather and great snow. After a significant snowfall we have had sunshine and blue skies and no doubt clients have been putting photos on social media to show their friends what they’ve been missing….
All pistes are open and in good/excellent shape, and off-piste the snow has been amazing, so conditions pretty perfect.
Today, however, the anticyclone has weakened and it’s cloudy and this is supposed to develop with very weak snow expected this evening – just a dusting. Tomorrow will be a combination of sunny periods and cloud, with again very weak snow showers during the night, continuing through Saturday morning, before the sun returns later in the day. Another small depression is then supposed to arrive Sunday, bringing further cloud and snow showers. These are forecast to persist though Monday and Tuesday before clearing out on Wednesday. The end of next week, before the school holidays begin, should be basically dry with some sunshine. We will confirm the forecast for the all important Half Term Saturday on Thursday next.
Thus at present it’s a lovely time to be skiing in the Savoie, everyone is enjoying the snow conditions and uncrowded pistes. Fingers crossed it continues and all the team can look forward to spreading the MGS love during the upcoming school holidays…



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After a week where periods of sunshine have alternated with some cloud and relatively light snow showers, the next few days could see a significant change in conditions.
Heavy snowfall is expected tonight and tomorrow, which may of course affect driving conditions for those arriving Saturday. With an accumulation on top of previous snow layers, the avalanche risk will rise on Friday to level 5, the maximum, and those considering skiing off piste must be fully prepared and it would be prudent to wait a few days until things calm down.
Saturday may be fine – sunshine is forecast for most of the Savoie, but in the Maurienne there may be what is called a ‘retour d’est’, where the snow returns from an easterly direction and invariably this is good news for those wanting fresh snow in Val Cenis. At this stage it is uncertain, and those driving should take the necessary precautions and have chains or ‘snowsocks’ available.
Sunday should see cloud and lighter snow showers, which will gradually give way to more settled conditions for the early/middle part of next week, with sunshine prevailing.
Generally, an excellent forecast…. Plenty of fresh snow followed by a calmer period for the main part of the coming week. Hopefully the changeover on Saturday won’t be too tricky and those arriving should have some great skiing opportunities next week, both on and off piste. Can’t wait!



Fresh snow always makes people smile. Overnight snow Wednesday onto slopes which had just been groomed is a real joy and off piste powder means the more adventurous can get out and play – already videos are being posted… Today the sun is out and it’s one of those lovely days to be in the mountains. With slopes in generally good/excellent condition and a decent forecast, it looks like a great time to be in Val Cenis.

It has been a bit of a mixture this week with some sunshine and colder weather earlier, whilst yesterday saw less favourable conditions with low cloud making visibility difficult. Luckily of course the tree lined pistes lower down meant everyone could still have some fun.

The forecast is for cloud to strengthen over the next 48 hours which by Sunday will result in snow showers and a slight drop in temperatures. Snow is expected to continue during Monday with sunny periods developing Tuesday. Another small depression will pass through the Savoie mid-week, bringing weak snow Wednesday and further cloud on Thursday, which gradually will give way to sunshine.

Nice forecast, good conditions, what’s not to like?