Posted by: Peter
8th March 2019

It doesn’t seem two weeks since the excitement of Half Term, the MGS team are all rested and ready to make sure the remaining weeks of the season will be full of fun and good cheer.
The huge anticyclone that was in place for most of February has been replaced by a succession of small depressions bringing unsettled weather to the area, and this is set to continue for the next week at least. This morning there was a dusting of snow in the village and although this was largely gone by lunchtime, it did refresh some of the off piste areas higher up. Tomorrow is expected to begin sunny and then cloud will develop bringing very weak snow showers.
Saturday will be a repeat with early sun giving way to cloud and some snow in the afternoon. After the reverse on Sunday, the rest of the week is forecast to alternate between periods of precipitation and clear skies. We are talking about showers rather than sustained snow and no more than a couple of centimetres each time. Later in the week there may be rain at village level, depending on how temperatures evolve, but again not a significant amount.
So a mixed bag in prospect, but with the pistes in good condition after the hammering they have received during the French school holidays, there will be plenty of excellent skiing to be had. Also, if we get 5cms here and 5cms there over the next few days, this could mean some great off piste too.
We’re looking forward to the rest of the season, slightly more relaxed now that Half Term has come and gone. We all love this time of year – generally nice weather and slopes becoming more quiet as we move towards Easter, and can’t wait to see all those arriving this Saturday for their stay in Val Cenis.

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