Posted by: Peter
7th January 2019


Since the depression which passed through the first weekend of the season, a powerful anticyclone has dominated the Alps bringing settled weather for the past fortnight and it will basically be in place for the next week too.
The last few days have been largely sunny and cold although yesterday did see some cloud. Polar air has moved into the Savoie and temperatures higher up have been bracing to say the least. With no fresh snow and the resort full, of course the pistes have taken quite a bashing and these are not the conditions to glide about on skis with your mind elsewhere as hard and icy patches mean concentration is needed. Although the slopes are not perfect, we are fortunate, with further North big races being cancelled due to lack of snow and in other resorts closer to home they are unable to ski back to village level.
The cold weather has meant the cannons can work and together with some terrific work by the piste team overnight, the slopes today were better and after this weekend, the number of people will be drastically reduced, which should see a steady improvement in conditions.
The forecast is for much of the same. With the exception of Tuesday when a small depression is expected bringing possible weak snow showers, the rest of the coming week will be largely sunny, warmer earlier and then once again becoming colder towards the end of the week.
Although this may not sound wonderful, people here at the moment are having a great time, enjoying the sunshine and just being a little more prudent on the slopes. New Year is always one of the best times to be here and enthusiastic clients this week have made it one of the best for several years. The MGS team will, however, be glad of the relative peace next week and are all looking forward to seeing some familiar faces as well as several clients new to the joys of Val Cenis