Posted by: Peter
25th March 2019


After the horrendous weather last week, a huge anticyclone has brought settled conditions to the Alps. With blue skies and largely quiet pistes, it has been much more pleasant and the smile is back on our faces.

When there is a sustained period of sunshine, as seen throughout February and this past week, the true value of North facing slopes becomes very clear indeed. The South side of the valley is largely devoid of snow and resorts with lots of similarly orientated pistes will be suffering greatly. From a high point, say the top of the Plan Cardinal chair, it is amazing to look down the valley and see snow on one side and rapidly greening fields on the other.

Lower slopes have of course been affected and some are worn, with soft snow later in the afternoon. Further up, however, conditions are much better and there is some excellent skiing all over the mountain. Despite the lack of true powder, there are also great opportunities off piste and incredibly, still some untracked areas.

The anticyclone will remain in place for the next few days, with warm temperatures over the weekend. During the coming week it will weaken and some cloud will move through at different times, but the chance of precipitation is low. It is also expected to be slightly colder after the weekend.

Next week brings the end of March and Easter is approaching rapidly. With a good depth of snow over two thirds of the mountain and runs to resort still complete, everyone should be looking forward to their holiday and hopefully there will be a bit more snow before the end of the season to really make things tip top!