Posted by: Peter
16th April 2019

Beautiful sunny day here today and the competitions in the week long Challenge des Moniteurs have started. Over 800 entrants for the slalom alone..
We’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all MGS clients this year, hopefully everyone had a good time. We’re already well under way for next winter so it looks as though most did enjoy themselves and apart from one horrendous week in March, the weather generally was kind to us.
Despite a lower than average snowfall, conditions have been very good and it does show the value of North facing slopes and of course hard work by those who prepare the pistes. The lifts will close next Sunday with over two metres coverage on the upper slopes and the runs to village level still in.
We will continue to post photos during the summer and from everyone in the above photo, thanks again for joining us in Val Cenis and we look forward to seeing many of you again next season!

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