Posted by: Peter
1st September 2020

We’re very confident there will be a ski season, albeit with appropriate precautions, as all countries look towards localised lockdowns rather than country wide measures.

As autumn begins, our biggest concern is the issue of potential quarantine, which in realistic terms will prevent the great majority from travelling. The government is under a lot of pressure to change its approach in the next month or so towards testing at the point of entry, bringing the UK in line with other countries, giving a much-needed boost to the travel and air industries.

At this point, however, we cannot for certain rule out the situation where either there is another UK lockdown or where measures are imposed which in effect stop people going abroad for a holiday. This would mean ski resorts still operating, but without British skiers, which of course would be hugely difficult for us with our apartment owners.

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Posted by: Peter
21st May 2020

We’re very confident there will be a 2021/22 ski season, albeit with sensible precautions, as all countries look towards vaccinating their populations.

During 2020/21 when the pandemic was rife, we operated the policy of a full refund being available for cancellations due to COVID up to one month before the start date of the holiday.

If next winter the UK government alone imposes restrictions which mean British skiers were unable to travel, Val Cenis may well still be open and this would mean owners receiving nothing for apartments which could have been sold to European skiers who are free to move about.

In fact this did happen to a significant extent during the French school holidays in February 2021 for example, when, despite lifts not running, the resort was busy with French families – who were allowed to travel – preferring to spend time in the mountains rather than being stuck in big towns or cities.

Owners who ‘lost’ their business with us tried to sell their accommodation last minute by offering huge discounts, but in order to be even handed to owners renting accommodation, our clients, and to cover ourselves, we will be operating the following system this winter.

The initial 30% deposit is non-refundable.

This has always been our standard course prior to the pandemic and we anticipate a more normal winter season in 2021/22, with perhaps one or two restrictions still in place.

But if there is a downturn in the COVID situation then the non-refundable policy of the initial deposit will not be enforced.

By the autumn we should be looking forward confidently to a bumper winter season. This means that for the 2021/22 season, if there are doubts or concerns due to COVID at the time of your final payment – 8 weeks before your departure – we will offer you the opportunity of a full refund, bar a maximum of £25 for admin/exchange rate charges.
For any other circumstance other than covid, however, and within 8 weeks of departure, our non-refundable 30% deposit remains in effect.

Click here for self-catering apartment prices.

If you feel you would like to provisionally book a holiday under the above conditions, please telephone our free number (0800 689 4135) to discuss your requirements and leave a Holding Deposit, or you can make an enquiry using our contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you and of course, to seeing you in Val Cenis!

Snow has arrived

Posted by: Peter
13th November 2019


If you’re stuck with grey people in a grey office on a grey day, cheer up, it’s snowed in Val Cenis.
Probably too early to stay down low, but should be a decent base developing higher up – and it looks beautiful!

We’re looking forward to welcoming our first guests in a few weeks time.

Posted by: Peter
24th September 2019

Ski & Snowboard Show 2019

With Autumn just starting to make it’s mark, the annual London Ski Show is fast approaching, in less than a month in fact and of course if you’re around Battersea Park at the time, please do drop in to see us, tickets are available at: Ski & Snowboard website.

We’re gearing up for a great few days at Battersea Park so if we can help with your holiday plans for this winter, please don’t hesitate to pop along or get in touch with us here on 0800 689 4135 or via our contact form.

Posted by: Peter
16th April 2019

Beautiful sunny day here today and the competitions in the week long Challenge des Moniteurs have started. Over 800 entrants for the slalom alone..
We’d just like to say a HUGE thank you to all MGS clients this year, hopefully everyone had a good time. We’re already well under way for next winter so it looks as though most did enjoy themselves and apart from one horrendous week in March, the weather generally was kind to us.
Despite a lower than average snowfall, conditions have been very good and it does show the value of North facing slopes and of course hard work by those who prepare the pistes. The lifts will close next Sunday with over two metres coverage on the upper slopes and the runs to village level still in.
We will continue to post photos during the summer and from everyone in the above photo, thanks again for joining us in Val Cenis and we look forward to seeing many of you again next season!

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Posted by: Peter
12th April 2019

It snowed last night and this morning, before gradually clearing up as the afternoon continued. Above the telecabine there is a lot of fresh snow and although on the piste front where the ground has warmed up recently this will disappear quite quickly, it does mean a nice top up for next week.

Everywhere was ‘off piste’ today and it will be a couple of days before the bashers smooth everything out. This afternoon was just a fun time with almost everyone ending up face first at some point. Certain areas will remain closed for a day or two because of avalanche risk at this time of the season, but the snow in the trees looks lovely and very Narnia like…

Tomorrow will start cold and then sunshine will dominate so it should be a great day with fresh snow and blue skies. The weekend is forecast to be partially cloudy with the possibility of some very weak showers, before the sun comes out again on Monday and it becomes somewhat colder. The remainder of the week is expected to be a mixture of cloud and clear periods, with isolated showers and the rain/snow line around 1500m, so village level.

All looks good for our last week of the season. The roads are clear and shouldn’t present any problems for those driving. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of old friends again and welcoming some new clients to Val Cenis. The winter has flown by and it seems only yesterday we were looking forward to starting another season.

Tempus does indeed fugit when you’re having fun!


Posted by: Peter
1st April 2019

These two photos are of the piste front at 9.00am this morning. There are bare patches because of the sustained sunshine we have had, but as you can see everyone can ski down easily to Bella and other bar/restaurants on the front.Higher up the snow coverage is good.

We have had a cancellation and therefore have a NICE TWO BEDROOM APARTMENT FREE for the 6th – 13th APRIL.

It can take between 2 and 4 comfortably, great all round position and we would be happy to offer this at a very good price as it is so last minute.
e-mail [email protected] for details.


Posted by: Peter
8th March 2019

It doesn’t seem two weeks since the excitement of Half Term, the MGS team are all rested and ready to make sure the remaining weeks of the season will be full of fun and good cheer.
The huge anticyclone that was in place for most of February has been replaced by a succession of small depressions bringing unsettled weather to the area, and this is set to continue for the next week at least. This morning there was a dusting of snow in the village and although this was largely gone by lunchtime, it did refresh some of the off piste areas higher up. Tomorrow is expected to begin sunny and then cloud will develop bringing very weak snow showers.
Saturday will be a repeat with early sun giving way to cloud and some snow in the afternoon. After the reverse on Sunday, the rest of the week is forecast to alternate between periods of precipitation and clear skies. We are talking about showers rather than sustained snow and no more than a couple of centimetres each time. Later in the week there may be rain at village level, depending on how temperatures evolve, but again not a significant amount.
So a mixed bag in prospect, but with the pistes in good condition after the hammering they have received during the French school holidays, there will be plenty of excellent skiing to be had. Also, if we get 5cms here and 5cms there over the next few days, this could mean some great off piste too.
We’re looking forward to the rest of the season, slightly more relaxed now that Half Term has come and gone. We all love this time of year – generally nice weather and slopes becoming more quiet as we move towards Easter, and can’t wait to see all those arriving this Saturday for their stay in Val Cenis.

We do have a few apartments in March for parties of different sizes at discounted prices, please contact us to find out what is available.

You can also follow us on social media for the latest news, pictures and the odd video;

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Winter Postcard

Posted by: Peter
4th December 2018


The winter postcard look is returning to the village, and although more snow is needed of course, preparations are well under way for the start of the season in a couple of weeks or so.
There are more photos from this week on our facebook page.

Winter is coming

Posted by: Peter
3rd November 2018

Winter is definitely on it’s way, bit of snow on the upper slopes and although it’s early yet, always good to have a start. Looking forward to later in November when normally it’s colder and the cannons start, one of the sure signs the season will soon be upon us.